Pipe Bursting

Existing old pipes can be replaced by one of several trenchless techniques . There are three basic methods of pipe bursting: pneumatic, hydraulic, and static pull. 

Pipe Bursting in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Richmond:


Is your water, drain, sewer line not a candidate for lining?  The offsets or breaks too extensive?  We can dig at the “start” and at the end” of the host pipe.   Pull in a cable and use our Tric X30 system to pull a “burst” head through, breaking away the old host pipe, behind that burst head, we have a new host pipe being pulled in its place.  


Not only can we replace the old pipe, but we can upsize the line if needed.    All from 2 entry pits.   We can pull in the new line under driveways, sidewalks, landscaping.  

We save the end user the expense of putting back landscaping, sidewalks, concrete, parking lots, etc.


 The danger of having open trenches is greatly reduced protecting the contractor’s liability insurance, the end user’s property insurance.  Many of our processes are faster then conventional digging, saving the end user the time and inconvenience of destructive pipe access methods.


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