Bizzy Bee Plumbing, Inc. can rehabilitate a 50 year old drain line.  Bizzy Bee Plumbing cleans out the scale using various Picote Tooling, to return drain to 100% full flow, then, using more Picote tooling and a coating system, install a 2mm-6mm 100% epoxy solids coating that has an engineered lifespan of 40 years.   


Our system prevents drain line leaks and further degeneration of the host pipe, all with minimal disruptions to landscaping, concrete slab, kitchen infrastructure, cabinets, tile, walls, etc.  


The end result is a seamless, jointless, low friction, inner surface that is engineered to provide over 30 years of additional life span.    Our coating procedure increases flow, limiting future drain stoppages.   Our coating is odorless.  The temps it can withstand is -40-120 degrees Celsius.  Higher temperature needs can be met with special order coating from Picote.


Bizzy Bee plumbing, Inc installs the coating using a delivery system and CCTV.  Insuring we have a visual on the work being completed.  

Bizzy Bee Plumbing, Inc can repair pool return lines without breaking up cement.  We can repair water fountain lines without breaking up concrete.


Our system saves Home Owners, Home Owner Associations, Pool Contractors, Plumbers, and their customers and clients large put back costs because we can side step the intrusive measures needed to access these broken pvc, cast, metal, clay water, sewer and drain lines.

Bizzy Bee Plumbing, Inc can repair, coat, rehabilitate Potable Water lines, the Picote epoxy product is NSF approved.  Safe for drinking water.   

Coating Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Richmond